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Czak Recordings releases deep-electronica without any genre boundaries. The label is run by Peter Czak from Vienna, Austria, Europe.


Peter-Marcel Kurt Czák,( born 1982 in Vienna) is an Austrian music producer, label owner, DJ and guitarist in Genres House, Downtempo and Jazz. Peter Czak was raised in Budapest, Bern and Bonn (1982 – 1993) and lives in Vienna since 1994. Early on in the 90`s, during the heydays of Viennese Electronic Music, he became an enthusiast for the electronic underground genre. Since 1999 he is an active member and DJ within the Vienna Club Scene.  Since 1999 he is working under his producer name Peter Czak and the artist’s names Mastox und Caurus at the Vienna Clubs Pratersauna, Celeste, Fluc, Sass and Volksgarten. 2015 he organized signature event series at Fluc under the names of „Heart Beat“, „Motor Club“ and “Czak Recording Label Night”.

As a resident and host at Fluc he featured Erdem Tunakan, Alpha Tracks, Philip Quehenberger, Klaus Benedek und Slack Hippy.  Peter Czak guest-starred at Celeste and Pratersauna as well as during weekly radio shows “Swound Sound” on FM4 by DJ Makossa (head of music FM4 Radio). Peter Czak is guest in various FM4 radio shows e.g. Swound Sound, La Boum de Luxe, Tribe Vibes und Liquid Radio. He further received airplays at FM4 Unlimited und High Spirits.

2012 he studied Multimedia at the Vienna School of Graphics “Die Graphische” in 1180 Vienna.

Several Visual-Videos  were published on the webseite together with Sito Schwarzenberger (Visual Artist & Grafic Designer)

In 2017 the Berlin based Emerald & Doreen Records published the EP`s “Milky Way” und “Shake”. In the same year the Vinyl EP „Before The Rise” was published by Vienna based Fortunea Records by Klaus Benedek. Peter Czak received international support from Danilo Plessow (Inverse Cinematics / Motor City Drum Ensemble) and MakossaMegablast.

Since 2012 Peter Czak works in his studio with others like Philipp Quehenberger, Klaus Benedek, Bruno Pisek and Aubert Weinzinger-Dammayr. Since then he launched his first self-produced Album „ExTemporized“ and in 2021 presented a remix by Alexander Wirth’s track „Control Remix“ on Czak Recordings, with many airplays in the Austrian ORF FM Radio.

cover credits: Veronika Molden, Sito Schwarzenberger
music title text credits: Benazier Sideris


check out Peter’s bandcamp page here to listen to more tracks


music producer, jazz-guitarist & label head
Linke Wienzeile 106 / Top 19-20, 1060
Vienna, Austria
mobile: +43 664 349 20 54
phone: +43 1 954 10 95